Simple solutions for a sustainable tomorrow!

1Stop Energies, LLC is located in the Bronx, New York; and is founded by Erica & Daniel Nunez. Our mission is to research, develop, and implement uniquely designed electrical coils for the purpose of maximizing efficiency and performance in a wide range of products.

After viewing other small scale toroidal models; we decided to take our understanding a step further and develop a custom framework 
to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space. We began testing different wiring algorithms and creating unique circuitry to 
utilize our findings for both on and off grid lighting applications. In time, we collected enough knowledge to replicate our 
results for large and small scale uses; while noting controllable measurements for our online community of followers.  

Through testing and observation, we have identified many interesting coil characteristics. Some of these findings include: 

  • Low voltage ozone production
  • Multiple magnetic monopole detection
  • Energy gains using 1:1 ratio coils
  • Coil sensitivity to Earth's magnetic field
  • Bio-electric interactions with coils
  • Energy reduction when charging batteries or spinning magnets
  • Synchronization of multiple rotors at different axes
  • Plasma excitation through the center of a Vortex Coil
  • Increased growth rate in plants around coils
  • Cooling phenomena when running high voltage
  • Boosted overall wellness and focus
  • 20 foot magnetic fields
  • and many more...