Power conversion using the P.O.E. Vortex Coil is quite exciting due to the various characteristics displayed by the coils in oscillation. Unlike other transformer coils, our coils do not heat up while they 'step-up' voltage; they remain cool to the touch. The winding ratio, although 1:1, is still able to multiply voltage by at least 10x under resonance. The coils also emit a 3-D electric/magnetic field for wireless power induction around the top, bottom, and sides of the working unit. All of these points lead to a new way of converting power which may be safer and more efficient.

In addition, it is possible to utilize the P.O.E. Vortex Coil as a pickup coil to recapture energy from oscillating coils or rotating magnets in the surrounding space. Due to the various angles of wire crossings on the coil structure, energy can be harvested at greater distances with less Lenz's law interaction. This opens the potential for developing new, vortex inspired, motor/generators!


Power Conversion units: