• Mobile Vortex Pulser 144™

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    This handheld unit allows you to use your mobile device as a PEMF driver! Simply plug into any mobile device using the standard 1/8" audio jack, then run the audio file of your choice. When a harmonic audio tone is played through the MVP 144™, a calming vibration will be created against the ball magnet. Even low energy input, generates electromagnetic waves that can be quite relaxing in almost any setting.
     The aim of this new design upgrade is to get closer to mathematical Phi perfection by incorporating numbers associated with the Fibonacci sequence found throughout nature. This design has 144 diamond shaped wire crossings in total and uses 21 turns per channel(2); both being numbers which are directly related to Fibonacci. 

    There are various 'frequency generator' software that will work well for energizing the MVP. Here are some to try out: 
    1. Signal Suite - iOS
    2. Audio Test Tone Generator - Android
    3. NCH Tone Generator - PC

    Tech Specs:

    Standard POE Vortex Coil Mini™
    1/8" Stereo Audio Jack
    1" Neodymium Ball Magnet
    Conforms to MW-35C, UL recognized Class 200
    High temperature Class: 200°C (392°F)
    Magnet Wire AWG size: 24 AWG, round x 42 (56 wires for CW or CCW only)
    Insulation type: modified polyester basecoat and an improved polyamideimide topcoat
    Insulation build: heavy build, more durable than single build
    Dimensions: 5" OD x 1" ID x 2" H
    *Each of our coils are hand crafted, not factory made! Please allow 
    1-2 weeks for assembly and shipping confirmation!*