• Mobile Vortex Pulser Tiny with frequency generator™

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    Introducing the pocket sized Mobile Vortex Pulser Tiny with built in frequency driver! Simply flick the 'on' switch, select your frequency from 1hz- 150Khz, select the appropriate duty cycle from 0%-100%, and the unit is ready for use! This unit takes the guess work out of utilizing  the large pulsing electromagnetic field produced by our POE Vortex Coil Tiny. It's great to use for testing magnetic effects on plants, bacteria, or other organic materials; while serving as a way to test wireless energy transfer and other fun things like magnetic rotor synchronization. We really hope you all enjoy this unit! 

    Tech Specs:

    Standard POE Vortex Coil Tiny™

    .5" Neodymium Ball Magnet

    Battery input: 9v (not included)

    DC input: 9v brick adapter (120v US standard) 

    w/ 9v clip included

    1' neck lanyard included

    Magnet Wire AWG size: 28 AWG, round x 24

    Insulation type: modified polyester basecoat and an improved polyamideimide topcoat

    Insulation build: heavy build, more durable than single build

    Dimensions: 2" H x 4.5" L x 2.5" W


    *Each of our coils are hand crafted, not factory made! Please allow 

    2-4 weeks for assembly and shipping confirmation!* 

    is the long awaited Mobile Vortex Pulser with built in frequency driver! Simply plug into any mobile device using the standard 1/8" audio jack, then run the audio file of your choice. When a harmonic audio tone is played through the MVP Tiny™, a calming vibration will be created against the ball magnet. Even low energy input, generates electromagnetic waves that can be quite relaxing in almost any setting.