Our Vision

"At 1Stop Energies, we research, develop, and produce various electromagnetic coils of vortex design. Our aim is to refine our understanding of how these geometries influence electromagnetic behavior; in order to make those effects beneficial to us and our current energy systems." - Daniel Nunez (CEO) 

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Please note that each coil is made to order. We do not accept refunds; but we do aim for 100% satisfaction. Contact us regarding exchanges and/or repairs for negotiation. Custom sizing is also available upon request. Find out how a POE Vortex Coil may fit into your desired application! We are happy to help!
We are currently open and doing our best to weather the storm of challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. On average, construction times are still 2-4 weeks; although we are making our best efforts to expedite when possible! Stay safe, positive, and healthy. We love you all!