1Stop Energies, LLC is a growing research, development, and manufacturing company (founded by Erica Nunez & Daniel Nunez) in November 2010. From our humble location in Yorktown, NY, we produce geometrically precise 'POE vortex coils' which can be used for a wide range of applications. 

We are two self-taught entrepreneurs who became interested in learning exotic ways to utilize electricity with increased sustainability and performance. We researched the works of Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, Dan Winter, John Bedini, and many others involved in the exotic energy community. 

There were various inventors working on 'vortex coils' when we discovered the space of Vortex Based Mathematics. Variations included plastic toys with pins, slinky toys wrapped in tape, starch molds, and pretty much any form remotely donut shaped. As a result, we realized that the method of making vortex coils could be improved upon by perfecting a template for optimal symmetry. We paired this with a new winding pattern/ litz type conductor which reduced the length of time required to create the coils. We tested and refined countless frame designs and winding algorithms until developing the latest advanced assembly method which we patented and currently distribute worldwide.