1Stop Energies, LLC is a manufacturing company which originated in the Bronx, New York; and is founded by Erica Nunez & Daniel Nunez. We are two self taught entrepreneurs who became interested in learning about exotic ways to utilize electricity with increased sustainability and/or performance.

Around the year 2010, it seemed almost impossible for us to escape the flood of information which was circulating about the uncertain Dec 21, 2012 events. Few people knew what to expect; as there was talk of possible blackouts, cosmic alignments, and polar shifts. As a result, we wanted to be prepared in the event that grid power failed. We needed to be able to produce electricity and then convert it for practical use. As laypeople, never schooled in anything electrical related, we first needed to learn about electricity on a fundamental level. 

We researched the works of Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, Marko Rodin, Dan Winter, John Bedini, and many other people involved in the exotic energy community. There were various inventors working on 'vortex coils' when we discovered the space of Vortex Based Mathematics; some using plastic kids toys with pins, slinky toys wrapped in tape, starch molds, and pretty much any form remotely donut shaped. As a result, we realized that the method of making vortex coils could be improved upon by perfecting a template for optimal symmetry. Our custom frameworks were then created to ensure this geometric precision. 

We've tested and refined countless frame designs, winding algorithms, and circuitry for lighting applications; as well as personal rejuvenation. Today, we are excited to have implemented our coil designs into working therapy devices; and are looking to continue our integration into other sectors like energy, agriculture, and advanced physics research.