Is the POE Vortex Coil™ insulated, or will I get electrocuted by touching it?

We use enamel coated wire for each of the coils which we produce. In most PEMF style applications, the coils are completely safe to touch. Still, if driven for long increments using an amplified source, there is a potential for the coils to heat up. Also, if running the coils in 'resonance' through an open circuit for power testing, it's certainly possible to get a small shock across the output leads. We only advised that you try these experiments if you have prior experience working with electronics. 

Does the POE Vortex Coil™ produce electricity? 

Our coils do not output energy without an input source. They are not free energy devices; nor can they power a home in any capacity on their own. However, there are countless ways to integrate our coils into new and exotic power systems!


How can I get the POE Vortex Coil™ into 'resonance'? 

It is possible to 'resonate' or perfectly oscillate each individual coil to a frequency that harmonically matches the geometry for that unit. To find this frequency, an electrical pulse must be fed into each (of the two) conductors in opposing direction. The output leads remain open or connected to xenon tubes, neon bulbs, or long strands of LED's. By gradually tuning the input frequency in increments of 1 kHz, it is possible to observe voltage spikes as they climb. The point where the voltage and magnetic field size have spiked most is considered the 'resonant frequency' of that coil. 

Where is the POE Vortex Coil™ manufactured?

 Each of our units are manufactured at our humble lab in Yorktown, New York. They are assembled and tested by hand before shipping to ensure quality and performance is accurate before they go out. Assembly time generally takes 1-2 weeks; although there are instances where the wait may be shorter. 


Does winding direction change the functionality of the coils?

[Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, CW under CCW above, CCW under CW above]


Winding direction only changes functionality of the coils when combining coils with opposing fields. As an individual unit, there is no electrical difference. When stacked with alternating fields, it's possible to detect a slightly larger combined field than two identical coils would otherwise generate. 

Do your company offer warranty/repairs? 

Under special circumstance, we will offer repairs to units with loose connections. We will not repair physical damage. The coils are enamel coated and will operate for a very long time if cared for. Take caution to avoid scraping the enamel; as this will likely short the connections. For repair requests, please email your order# and technical issue to

Is your company open to collaborations? Events? Distribution? Investment?

We are always looking for exciting people/companies to work with as we launch our technology into various sectors. If you have a collaboration idea, please send it over to with the Attention: Collaboration.