P.O.E. (Peace On Earth) Vortex Coil

U.S. Utility Patent # 9,812,246

The POE Vortex Coil™ is comprised of our custom POE Vortex Coil Framework™, LITZ type wiring or single stand enamel coated conductor, and a unique counter-rotating winding algorithm. This combination works together to make a fully symmetrical vortex/torus coil. By maximizing uniformity throughout the coil structure, we have noted enhanced magnetic field size in contrast to other (more asymmetrical) coil variations created in the past. Also, the LITZ type wiring works to shorten winding time by more than 75% when compared to many other torus coil designs that incorporate multiple turns in and around the center bore. The counter-rotating winds work to project energy in all directions simultaneously; making the POE design perfect for wireless energy transfer or various other applications where magnetic field size is of benefit.